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Enjoy a bite to eat from our light bar menu or try one of our Specialty Drinks!

Light Menu
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Jukebox Burger-w/cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo, with chips & pickle
Chicken Tenders and Fries- w/BBQ, Buffalo or Ranch $6.50
Breaded Chicken Sandwich- w/lettuce, tomato & mayo, served with pickle and chips. $6.50
Steak Sandwich-on round kaiser roll w/ cheese & sauce, w/chips and pickle
Fish and Chips - batter dipped cod fillets with steak fries $6.50
Labamba Combo-4 Stuffed jalapeno poppers w/cream cheese, nacho chips & salsa
Fab Four Sampler-2 mozzarella sticks, crispy onion rings, batter dipped mushrooms & a jalapeno cream cheese popper
Hot Wings- mild and crispy

half dozen
one dozen

Basket of Fries-your choice of steak fries or our great natural potato fries
with nacho cheese on the side

Mozzarella Sticks $5.00
Breaded Mushrooms $4.25
Crispy Onion Rings $4.00

Large Soft Pretzel

with nacho cheese on the side



Basket of Chips or Pretzels $3.00

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